Born in USSR, raised in Hamburg, four friends founded in 2008 a band without name and goals. Guitar, bass and drums meet fortunately an accordion. Raised by Russian rock and punk music, refined with modern  metal, from soft to brutal, a band accures that is quite unique – BARAYAN – energetic, melodious and international.


During the first 10 years Barayan supported some Russian rock-legends, played in several clubs in Germany and East-Europe and successfully performed at several festivals like „Hörnerfest“, “Hafen Rock”, “Rock’n’Roll Butterfahrt” and many more. The language barrier is completely conquered by energetic music and performance onstage. Some songs are written in German and English languages. The first release was a demo with four songs recorded in 2009.  "Headbangpogodance" – that is how Barayan defines their style of music,  is also the title of the first album recorded in 2012. Four years later, in 2016, after some personnel changes Barayan recorded a second album, called “peace.death”. The third album named "Optimism" was released on the 06.03.2020.

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DEMO (2009)


"Headbangpogodance" (2012)

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Optimism Cover




Based in Hamburg

Founded in 2008

Genre: #Metal #Punk



Juri Zeff - Voc

Dennis Mitkin - Voc, Guitar

Oleg Weber - Accordion

Danila Bezrukov - Drums

Slawa Pertschichin - Bass


Wolfgang Budde (Soundcave) - Recording/Mix&Mastering

Eugen Günter - artwork

Anna Kezle - merch sales

Julia Averina - female voc.

Irina Trygub - artwork

Valeria Gordienko - photography

Old Members

Andrey Klein - drums

Alex Yefremov - guitar

Georg Kistner - drums

Aleksey Warshawskij - Guitar




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Dennis Mitkin

Tel: +49 160 9862 6409